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Title: Let's Start At The Beginning
Author: fallenmelody
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Kate, Jack, Sawyer
Word count & Rating: 632, PG.
Disclaimer: Everything is property of the creators/writers of Lost and ABC, not me. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Written in 20 minutes and not beta-read, which means it's probably crap. I'll put some effort into something serious soon, because I finished catching up with this show and I'm in love with it. Written for lostfichallenge's 100th challenge: Season Six AU.
Summary: "I don't believe in coincidence, sweetheart."

( "So, you're a doctor." "What gave me away?" )
16 February 2010 @ 12:57 pm
Wow, long time no update, huh? That's pretty lame of me. I have a few things to share and instead of spamming your flist, I think I'll just put this all in one post! A couple of icons posts and a lot of drabbles are coming your way. After that, I'm going to be working on a Lost picspam and probably Lost icons. Can you tell I have a new obsession? ;) Maybe some Lost and Harry Potter fics soon, too!

Two Icon Posts

here @ lovesdelight

here @ lovesdelight

A Bunch of HP Drabbles

All I Need (Sirius Black)
I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness (Draco/Hermione)
In Your Arms (Harry/Luna)
Lost (Ron/Hermione)
No Boundaries (Scorpius/Rose)
Silent Night (Draco/Asteria)
Something More (Draco/Hermione)
That Would Be Crazy (Draco/Hermione)
Trust Me (Ron, Luna)
Unrequited Love (Harry/Hermione)
Weight Of It All (James Potter)
14 January 2010 @ 10:53 am

This journal was created in the morning of January 13, 2010, as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Basically, people are offering things like graphics, fanfiction, original fiction, betaing services, video, and so many other awesome things in exchange for donations to help the people of Haiti. I know that some people don't like this idea, so if you're one of those people, please just don't comment here. I think it's a great thing, a way for all of us to help others. I'm offering a 1,000 to 10,000-word piece of HP fanfiction with bidding starting at $1. Head over to the community, look through all of the different offerings, and start bidding and/or offer something!
14 June 2009 @ 06:27 pm

I've been in such a big music mode lately, so I'm taking mix requests. Just give me prompts and I'll make a mix for you! And when I saw prompts I mean something like, "music to fall asleep to," "music to listen to when it's raining," etc. Okay? Start requesting! :D ♥

Title: Four Kisses Draco Stole (And One He Didn't Have To)
Author: lighting
Character: Draco (Narcissa, Tracey, Pansy, Asteria, Hermione)
Word Count & Rating: 1974, PG.
Disclaimer: Characters, the magical world, etc, is property of J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros, not me. No copyright infringement is intended. I'm just playing with Jo's toys in her sandbox.
Dedication: Written for peskywhistpaw at hp_fivethings!
Note: Thank you to my beta for looking this over for me! peskywhistpaw, I really hope that you enjoy this! I had a blast writing it. I know you didn't include all of these pairings (and I had to include a little Draco/Pansy, but not too much, as you asked), but I hope you like this nonetheless. Your prompts were amazing, so I think I'll be writing something else using one of those ideas over the summer.
Summary: Draco was promising things he had no control over. He always did that when he wasn't sure if things would end in his favor.

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